Let Us Set Up Exclusive Roofing Appointments For You
Increase your Revenues with Increased Opportunities
Pre-Set Qualified Roofing Inspection Appointments will help you get in front of more prospects. Spend less time prospecting so you can focus your valuable time selling.
Having delivered over 150,000 appointments for roofing contractors we've documented that an average of 3-4 out of 10 roof inspections resulted in storm damaged insurance claim contracts. 
See how we qualify every roofing appointment to ensure your sales team can get in front of interested property owners after hail storms or wind events. Your time is irreplaceable, don't settle for subpar leads that save you pennies but cost you dollars. 
See how we can put your roofing inspectors on the right roofs. By targeting damaged areas using our proprietary technology we keep your team where they need to be. Additionally our exclusive data allows us to get in touch with more prospects.

See how we can help you manage your salespersons and your calendar by never allowing for overbooked appointments. Our MYRA system allows for you to manage your resources and optimize your teams time. Soon to integrate with Google.
See how we can take your roofing inspection appointments and put them right into your CRM. With integrations for Acculynx, Job Nimbus and many more to come we make it easier to manage not only our leads but leads from most any other source.
If done right your Job Cost per Roofing Sale will be $300 or less not including any referral or surrounding roofing sales, we charge only $100 per qualified storm lead in most markets. 
More roofing inspections will result in more insurance claim sales.
How Do We Get Our Appointments?
Qualified Storm Leads uses a multifaceted approach in targeting property owners in need of roof replacments.
Over the past decade we have lead the market in producting the highest quality roofing appointments for Contractors across the USA. Traditional methods alone are no longer effective to get in front of homeowners with hail wind or storm damages, rather a combination of marketing strategies, both proactive and reactive,  is the only way to get the edge in the highly competitive storm damage market.

  •  Telemarketing: Contact prospects directly at home.
  •  Web Marketing: Appear where prospects browse.
  •  Mobile Marketing: Speak to prospects on the move.
  •  Social Media Marketing: Target ideal prospects.
  •  E-Mail Marketing: Drip campaigns to prospects inbox.
Our team of Account Managers are dedicated to the success of your marketing campaign and helping you increase your roofing sales  and our portal is 24/7.
Our technology will help you organize all your leads, regardless of the source. Run a more efficient marketing campaign and optimize your sales time.
Our systems encrypts all your private data including payment info, so you never need to worry about information falling in the wrong hands. 
Our policy is to work with only a limited number of contractors in any given area to ensure that we can fulfill the demand of our roofing partners.
Drone Inspects
Want to stop wasting time on the roof and not in front of prosepcts?
Our Drone Inspections Program is the answer. While you attend sales calls, local drone pilots will be out inspecting properties to identify damages using AI technology, our staff will then reach out to the property owners with damages to schedule a closing sales call by sharing a detailed damage report
Your buyer will be aware, educated, and ready to discuss options upon your arrival.
Roof Inspect 

As the number one roofing leads generation service in the USA for almost a decade now, we certainly know a thing or two about helping you generating revenues from storms, wind, hail and more. 

Our expertise goes beyond just telemarketing, Roof Inspect is one example, our FREE tool to help leading Roofing Sales Reps like you to connect with a broader homewoner base, increase your revenues, and ultimately help your roofing business to succeed and thrive.
Q. Can I avoid being double booked for inspections?
A. Yes, we manage a calendar for your staff and you to keep you from having multiple appointments at the same time. 
Q. Will I be billed for Failed or Unqualified Appointments?
A. No, however you are responsible for requesting a credit within the My Roofing Appointments portal for these appointments within 48 hours otherwise you are responsible for payment.
Q. Do you sell the same lead to other contractors in my area?
A. No, we sell each appointment to only one roofing contractor.
Q. Why do markets like Chicago, Dallas and Denver require a retainer for roofing appointments?
A. Due to high demand in those areas we have opt'd to only work with limited contractors in these markets so we may better serve them. Appointments are limited unless you duplicate so our theory is if we have 100 appointments we could serve 10 customers with 10 each or we could serve 4 customers with 25 each - happier customer, better customer service, higher returns for each. 
Q. What happens if I go on the wait list for roofing leads?
A. Once we fulfill the demand of our Premier Partners, any additional appointments will be offered to the roofing contractors on the wait list and distributed accordingly.
Q. What results should I expect from roofing appointments?
A. Results vary from market to market as well as from salesperson to salesperson, however we have found the averages though to be 15-20% appointments fail to attend for one reason or another - these are never billed of course. Of the attended appointments you should see a close ratio of 35% or higher.
Q. Do you offer commercial roofing appointments?
A. Not to the general public, these appointments take more effort and follow-up so we have partnered with key contractors in various markets and cannot offer this to everyone.
Q. Do you call for Retail roofing siding windows gutters?
A. Not to the general public, these appointments take more effort and carry different costs, we currently have a few key contractors across the nation that we serve for retail construction.
Q. Should I spend with you or Facebook Ads?
A. Both, facebook ads will require a reaction from a customer and do result in quality roofing leads however they are slow to come. By combining various marketing strategy you increase your market exposure. Qualified Storm Leads uses email, social and tele marketing to give you the greatest opportunity.
Q. If you spend money on Facebook Ads should I not spend anything there?
A. No, facebook ads that we target are generic and not specific to your company, this way we can work with our existing customer base. We recommend using your own strategies as well to generate more traffic.
Q. Ask any question?
A. And we will update this page periodically.
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